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To Study the Effect of the Concentration of Carbon on Ultraviolet and Visible Light Photo Catalytic Activity and Characterization of Carbon Doped TiO2

Rajkumar R and Nisha Singh

Photo catalytic degradation of pollutants in water or air using titanium dioxide has been considered one of the efficient methods but it shows poor absorption of visible light and requires ultraviolet light for its activation. Which increase the cost of system, So that we moved toward the doping of non-metal in TiO2 which gave good result in visible and UV light, carbon doped TiO2 is prepared using air heating method at lowest temperature and minimum time by taking glucose and ethanol as carbon source. The experimental results showed that carbon was successfully doped into TiO2 .The physical properties of carbon doped TiO2 were studies by XRD, TG-TGA and UV spectroscopy which showed that the photo catalytic efficiency increase in UV and visible lights by creation of oxygen vacancies and Ti3+ in C-TiO2 catalyst. UV spectroscopy results showed the optical response of TiO2 was shifted from UV to the visible light region.